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Jul07, 2014

Juicer V’s Nutri Bullet

By |07, July , 2014|Categories: Kitchen Equipment|6 Comments

The two most common questions I’ve been asked lately is, what’s the difference between a juicer and a nutri bullet and which one is the best? A juicer and a bullet do very different jobs and this video will explain the major differences to help you make an informed choice..

Jun06, 2014

Give Your Veggies A Makeover With A Spiralizer

By |06, June , 2014|Categories: Kitchen Equipment|2 Comments

Let me introduce you to the handiest gadget in my kitchen…my spiralizer! Never heard of it??? Don’t panic, I’m going to give you the full low down right now! Once you see what this bad boy can do you’ll be popping online and getting yourself one ASAP…happy spiralizering.