Feb02, 2020

My Favourite Cook Books

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As you know I LOVE food…cooking it, eating it and ordering it. But every so often I get bored and I need a blast of inspiration. Last year for my birthday I asked for cookbooks and I got the following three books. They are all vegan and mostly gluten free (but don’t be put off […]

Sep09, 2015

Speedy Chickpea Salad

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Speedy chickpea salad will leave you with no excuses when debating about embracing a healthier lifestyle. One of the main challenges I find my clients come up against when starting a healthier eating plan is the amount of time they fear will have to dedicate to it. They become overwhelmed about the time spent in […]

Jul07, 2015

Salmon Never Tasted So Good

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Salmon never tasted so good, this is a super tasty dish served with lightly stir fried veggies and infused with Braggs Amino’s. People often struggle with adding flavor to food and it can be the straw that breaks the camels back when someone is trying to embrace a healthy […]

Mar03, 2015

Eat A Rainbow

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Eat a rainbow every day and glow from head to toe. In my house eating a colourful salad is a given, it is full of raw food better (live food) and eating live foods helps you feel healthy, vibrant and alive. One thing I have notice when talking to my clients is that a limp leaf […]

Mar03, 2015

Lightly Spiced Butternut Squash and Quinoa Soup

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It’s getting a little chilly out there folks…what to do, what to do??? Start making soup to keep our bod’s nice and snug of course! I threw this one together in no time, I basically checked what ingredients I had lying around and got cooking. It’s good to veer away from recipes every now and then…mix it up a little…you might just hit the jackpot!

Jun06, 2014

Zingy Salad Dressing

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Do you want a salad dressing that free from sugar, flavouring and nasty low grade oils? This dressing takes a couple of minutes and tastes amazing and better still it will nourishes your cells. If you want a healthier, happier body scoot off to the kitchen and start mixing…once you taste it you’ll be glad you did…enjoy!