Healthy Eating Cookery Day

At this live workshop you will learn how to make healthy food exciting. I will take the overwhelm out of shopping for healthy foods and banish the cardboard look and taste and replace it with flavours that will bring your taste buds alive AND promise to keep it really healthy.

Imagine knowing the secrets of cooking and preparing meals completely unprocessed, tasty and reasonably priced while keeping it simple. It’s time to get excited about healthy wholesome food!

On this workshop I will teach you…

  • Prepare tasty meals and in record time so that it is easy to introduce them into your schedule.
  • Make sense of so many ingredients that people generally don’t know what to do with.
  • How to achieve and maintain a healthy weight.
  • Put the right combinations of ingredients together to make them exciting, vibrant and tasty
  • Understand the specific health benefits of introducing specific wholesome foods into your daily diet.
  • How to be a clever shopper and save money.

This health food cookery workshop is a wonderful opportunity for people that are ready to say goodbye to a diet rich in processed/cardboard foods and start enjoying REAL food that nourishes every cell of your body.

You will leave armed with

  • A host of recipes so that you can start your healthy change immediately.
  • A simple breakdown of what to eat and why.
  • Knowledge and understanding of different ingredients and their benefits in different situations.
  • The lingering flavour of all recipes cooked on the day.

Wellness ROCKS cookery day is a one day workshop, starting at 10am and finishing at 4pm. There is a one hour lunch break and an opportunity for questions.

Healthy Eating Cookery Day

1 days Workshop


Yes! I’m ready to learn in this workshop:

How to cook tasty wholesome meals…

How to be a clever shopper…

Why what you eat is so important…

… and so much more!!

Sunday 2nd Nov 2014

10AM – 4PM

Radisson Blu Hotel

Ennis Road, Limerick

Or call me on 086-1691200