Happy new year, may 2019 be absolutely amazeballs for you! It’s been forever since I’ve actually written a blog, I just didn’t feel inspired to write anything and I don’t believe in doing something if I’m not feeling it. Truly I did you a favour because it really would have been a sucky read.

Last year was both a challenging and exciting time for me.

Challenging = I was crippled with a pain in my leg for most of the year, it’s 99% gone now thankfully but it was bloody torture. I now have HUGE empathy for anyone living with chronic pain.

Exciting = I fulfilled my dream of moving to Spain. Yep, in October I packed my life into boxes, and Broc (my dog) and I moved to the Costa Del Sol. I originally came to Spain about thirty years ago and I knew in my heart that I belonged here. What took me so long to get here? I believed it would be really difficult, that it probably wasn’t possible and I was absolutely terrified to make the move. As you know I’m big into self-growth and manifestation. And in the last three years I’ve worked my arse (ass for you non-Irish peeps) off to grow and expand as a human being. To overcome limiting beliefs that were holding me back, and to let go of fears that I have been carrying around since childhood. All this allowed me to get out of my own way and move into the life I truly wanted.

Ok I know I’m making it sound easy, it wasn’t and there was work involved, but it was no where near as difficult as I’d imagined. The thing is if I’d moved to Spain with all my old emotional/mental baggage I wouldn’t feel as happy and settled as I do only three months in. This is why I believe so strongly in working on our shit. It follows us everywhere. From country to country, relationship to relationship, job to job, and most of the time we don’t see the connection. We think we are just really unlucky, when in fact it’s our past trauma, low expectations and fears that are creating our crap reality. Fuck, deep shit I know! Honestly this wasn’t what I had planned to write but there you go, when inspiration strikes you just gotta roll with it.

So what’s the moral of the blog? We have a responsibility to ourselves to grow and expand as humans. We didn’t come here to keep reliving the same drama/trauma over and over again. We came here to be HAPPY, to laugh from deep in our bellies and to love and be loved. We came here to fulfill our dreams and to live our best possible life, whatever that may be for you. For me it’s living in the sun, wearing flip flops in January and teaching and empowering beautiful women just like you that life can be so much better than you ever imagined. Let 2019 be the year that you grab happiness with both hands and mould your life around it. xxx

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