I’ve known about the concept of forgiveness for many years, but I never really got how unbelievably important and powerful it is until a few weeks ago. I have suffered with chronic pain in my lower back and right leg for nearly a year and it was fucking exhausting. I tried everything from massage, dry needling and reflexology, and I would experience a little relief but it was always short lived. Each person I went to couldn’t understand why my muscles were so tight no matter how much work they did on them.

When I moved to Spain I started going to a chiropractor who is an AMAZING man. He’s in his sixties and is so full of knowledge that he blows my mind. He focuses on the whole body, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. So rather than just telling me to stretch my back every day he would look much deeper. It turns out that the issue was my sacrum (lower back), and emotionally we can store anger and resentment there. It was also effecting the right hand side of my body, which in energetic terms is our male side.

After a couple of session he told me that in order for my body to heal I needed to forgive. At first I resisted it, I kept thinking shur I’ve done a ton of work on myself, who the hell do I have left to forgive. Then the penny dropped, if I wanted to live in a pain free body then I had to take this experts advice and embrace forgiveness. So I began asking myself which males was I angry or resentful towards either now or in the past. The mad thing is that I had worked on most of this already, and I had previously let go of a lot of anger, resentment etc. BUT, and here’s the missing piece of the puzzle, I hadn’t actually forgiven them.

Why? Well I had a kinda distorted view of forgiveness. I believed that in order to forgive I had to be a bit of a door mat. I had to turn the other cheek. Be kind to that person no matter what they did. I believed that in order to be a good person I had to forgive them and I had to be OK with their behaviour towards me. Crazy right! I had the HUGE realisation that it has nothing to do with them and everything to do with me, and that I am choosing to forgive for my own happiness and inner peace.

So I set aside a few hours and I sat down and let go of any negative emotions I was still feeling towards each male. Then I did a forgiveness exercise that allowed me to forgive and connect to them with love. It was beyond powerful. I noticed that sometimes I was simply forgiving people for not being the person I wanted them to be. For instance I forgave my dad for not being the dad I wanted him to be. Within two days my muscles started to feel very different, previously they were rock hard and no matter how much I stretched the muscles would not budge. But now they were letting go, they were beginning to stretch and become flexible again. Three weeks on I feel like a new person.

As I write this blog I honestly feel that my words are not doing justice to the power of forgiveness. For anyone suffering with health issues please consider letting go of negative feelings that you are carrying around for months, years or decades. Not only are they robbing your happiness, they are also creating aches, pains and illness in your body. And secondly and most importantly forgive and connect with love. Forgive yourself and forgive others, whether they are people, corporations, communities, or cultures, whatever they/it is. Forgive for past hurts, forgive people for not being the person you wanted them to be. And don’t forget to forgive yourself as well. You may have to forgive yourself for not being smart enough, pretty enough or successful enough. Whatever it is just forgive and connect with love so that you can find inner peace and live a happy, healthy life.

If you would like to know more about the signals your body is giving you check out this fantastic book The Secret Language of your Body. It will help you get a clearer picture of why you may be suffering from certain conditions.

PS. forgiveness can completely heal or improve relationships. But please also remember that while you may forgive someone you may also choose to not have that person in your life. And that’s perfectly OK too. For me there are a couple of people that I just don’t want in my life, simply because our values and beliefs are so different. I just find it hard work to be around them. Some people are hard work and worth it and others aren’t. The main thing is that the sight or thought of them doesn’t disconnect you from your inner peace and happiness.

Huge hugs Deb xxx

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