How to make Kombucha part 2 will teach you how to make regular batches of Kombucha. Now that you have grown your own SCOBY and have a batch of starter tea, you’re ready to rock and roll!!

You will need a 3 litre glass jar with a wide mouth, 4 organic black tea bags, 1 cup of organic cane sugar, 1 cup of Kombucha starter tea, 1 rubber band and 1 clean cotton cloth.

Sterilise the jar with boiling water and apple cider vinegar or white vinegar. Wash your hands with warm water, your hands need to be sterilised when you handle the SCOBY.

Place 1 litre of boiling water in a saucepan and place it on a low heat. Add the 4 tea bags and allow to brew for 10 mins. Once brewed remove the tea bags and add 1 cup of organic cane sugar, stir until dissolved. Don’t worry about the sugar and caffeine it will be used up in the fermentation process. Allow the mixture to cool and add it to the glass jar, top up the jar with cold filtered water, leaving about three inches from the top of the jar.

Add the cup of starter tea and the SCOBY and secure the cloth with the rubber band. Place the tea somewhere clean and out of the way for anywhere between 7 to 31 days to ferment. I leave mine for 10 days which is perfect for me. After 10 days, I remove the SCOBY (with sterilised hands) and place in a sterilised bowl and cover with a clean cotton cloth. I pour the Kombucha into sterilised glass bottles and store them in a cupboard for a further 2 days so that they can become fizzy, you don’t have to do this if you don’t want to, the Kombucha is perfectly fine to drink after 10 days. 4

All you have to do now is keep repeating the process! Happy fermenting!

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