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Hi, I’m thrilled you’re interested in my Life Sucks one-to-one consultations. Life can throw us some major curve balls, leaving us with some very deep emotional, mental and physical scars that quite often cause us to feel damaged and broken. Waking up every morning knowing that we have to struggle through yet another day can be an absolute living nightmare. The sad thing is that most of us plaster on a happy face in the hope that others won’t see the unbearable emotional pain underneath.

Take a moment and ask yourself:

  • Has a destructive relationship left you feeling deeply hurt and unable to trust again?
  • Does a lack of self-confidence mean that you regularly miss out on great opportunities?
  • Have childhood events left you with deep emotional scars?
  • Has low self-esteem turned you into a complete door mat?
  • Are panic attacks tearing your life apart?
  • Have you spent years looping in a high anxiety or depressed state?
  • Are you still suffering the ill-effects of childhood bullying?
  • Is the trauma of a painful separation preventing you from starting a new relationship?
  • Do you feel suffocated by grief since losing a loved one?


When your life sucks you can often feel like your situation is hopeless, that you are alone and that no one will ever understand what you’re going through, let alone be capable of helping you break the cycle. Well, that’s how I felt anyway! I know this feeling all too well because I lived with it for many years myself. I suffered from high anxiety and depression for as long as I can remember and I spent most of my time crawling in and out of a black hole. I felt like I’d lived ten life times, I was completely exhausted and I desperately wanted it to stop. The good news is that it did stop and it can stop for you too.

You will learn how to:

  • Let go of unwanted emotional baggage and gain peace of mind.
  • Identify the limiting beliefs and behaviours that have been causing you to feel stuck.
  • Eliminate negative behavioural patterns and replace them with new empowering ones.
  • Feel safe, secure and ready to embrace all life has to offer.
  • Stop overwhelm in its tracks and take stressful days in your stride.
  • Increase your self-esteem and regain ownership of your life.
  • Feel relief and peace as you move forward leaving the past behind.
  • Restore your self-confidence and learn to trust your own judgement again.

what you get

  • A private, one-to-one session.
  • A series of four self-care videos.
  • A printed behavioural guide to help you understand both yours and other peoples negative behaviours.
  • Tips and techniques to keep you on track.
I brought my daughter Hazel to see Deborah because she was suffering from very high anxiety levels which had developed into panic attacks, she wasn’t sleeping and was so overwhelmed she would cry for hours in the evenings. She had always been a bit of a worrier but I became very concerned when it started effecting all areas of life. She began to feel very anxious about going to school and mixing with her friends, and she was no longer the bubbly child we were used to.

She had two sessions with Deborah and during that time we discovered that the panic attacks had stemmed from Hazel being bullied many years before. Deborah made sure both my daughter and I feel very comfortable throughout the sessions, and as mother I felt that I could trust her and I had great confidence in her abilities.

I’m delighted and relieved to say that Hazel has returned to her bubbly self, she no longer suffers from anxiety and her sleep pattern is back to normal. We have also noticed a huge improvement around exam time, before working with Deborah this would normally have been a very difficult time for her. Hazel now walks round the house singing non-stop and smiling just like she used to, although we do tell her that we will take her back to Deborah to get her to stop singing.

S. S.
I was married for 40 years, the first five years were happy but then my husband became very abusive. I was subjected to mental and emotional abuse on a daily basis, abusive language and countless affairs. He would insult my friends until eventually they stopped calling and I was left completely isolated and alone. I desperately wanted to leave but it was a different era and I was terrified, my confidence had been crushed and I had no finances to support myself and my children. I always said I would leave when the children were grown up, but that day came and went and I still stayed in the relationship. I don’t know why I stayed for so long, I guess it was a case of “better the devil you know”, eventually I did leave but unfortunately I lost my beautiful home and my income. I didn’t think it was possible to feel worse than I had during my marriage but it was, I felt very depressed and unhappy and I could see no joy in life.

A friend recommended that I contact Deborah, and as you can imagine after years of feeling so low I was very sceptical that she could help me. To this day I’m still not quite sure exactly what she did but she changed my life, all the pain, hurt and anger from my past just disappeared. My anxiety levels dropped, things that usually upset me no longer did and I felt capable of making a life on my own. I am extremely grateful to Deborah for the all her support and for helping me see that a happy future is possible, she’s one in a million.

I made an appointment with Deborah because I was struggling to deal with the loss of my partner and my sister. They were the most important people in my life and they died within a short time of each other. It broke my heart to be without them. I was so consumed with sadness that I cried constantly, I found it very difficult to function and eventually I had to take extended leave from my job. Deborah was very gentle and understanding and helped me cope with my grief. I feel so much better now and I’m back at work which I’m delighted with because I love my job. I still have days where I feel sad and lonely and I use the coping skills Deborah taught me if it all gets too much for me.
After months of personal disappointments, heartache and an unhealthy relationship with food, I was slipping further and further into the darkness. I felt consumed by a feeling of sadness which was affecting me not just mentally but physically. I knew I needed help but just didn’t know who or how to ask for help. Then a chance meeting with Deborah on the coconut oil aisle of our local supermarket was the start of my journey . We spoke that day for at least a half an hour and I made an appointment to see her again. Three sessions later, numerous emails, phone calls and a complete diet and exercise routine from Deborah and 4 months on I’m feeling fantastic. Deborah has taught me to forgive myself, love myself and respect myself. She has given me the tools to deal with past, present and future issues. She is so compassionate and doesn’t judge no matter how shocking the revelation which made it so easy to be completely open and honest. Thank you so much Deborah, I’ve never felt so good.