This Detox Rocks!

You’ve been feeling like crap for ages, in fact you feel like your body is falling apart, and you think to yourself  “I need a detox, STAT!”, BUT where the hell do you start? You see, the trouble is that there are way too many sugar laden, synthetic detox products on the market, and they all promise you a slimmer waist and glowing skin but unfortunately most don’t deliver because they cause the body to become even more toxic than it was to begin with! Our bodies are designed to detox naturally using what nature provided, yep, you got it, REAL FOOD. We humans have an actual detoxification system built into our bodies, (I swear, it’s true!) but unfortunately most people don’t know how to let it do its job.

Wild About Wellness

Life can be hectic and crazy and it’s far too easy to lose yourself in the madness, before you know it you are not truly living life, you’re going through the motions and life is just happening to you. If you would like to learn how to slow things down and take some time out to connect with the person you want to be, then you will LOVE this two day live workshop.