Raw honey is considered one of the top superfoods on the planet. It is a complete protein and a super energy food. Raw honey has not been pasteurised, this ensures that the honey retains all of it’s nutrients. Honey bee’s work tirelessly to produce honey for you and I and one thing I feel is very important to ask when buying from a beekeeper, is, are the bee’s feed their own honey. I have heard of beekeepers that take all of the honey from the hive and feed the bee’s a sugar/water solution! To me this is totally messing with nature. The bee’s should be left enough honey to survive on, especially through out the winter. Now I know if it is a long hard winter they may run out of honey and then the beekeeper will have to intervene which is fair enough but in general it’s important to respect the laws of nature…just my opinion 🙂

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