Hiya and welcome to Rock Your Life in a Day. I am thrilled you are interested in working with me privately on this life-changing day which is packed with recipes, eating plans, self-care practices and much more to help you Rock Your Life and feel fabulously healthy and vibrant.

I developed this one-day total immersion for any of you who want to work with me exclusively at a personal one- to-one level to create a new and positive mindset around health and wellness.

Take a moment and ask yourself:

  • Do you feel fat, bloated or sluggish?
  • Are you always on a DIET that never works in the long run?
  • Are you fed up with feeling exhausted all the time?
  • Do you feel years older than you actually are?
  • Are you desperate to feel healthy and vibrant but don’t know where to start?
  • Do you hardly recognise the person you see in the mirror?
  • Are you confused about which foods are good for you and how to cook them?
  • Do you feel anxious for no apparent reason?
  • Are you scared that getting healthy will be too complicated and that you will probably give up before you even start?


Rock Your Life in a Day is a life-changing private full day with me where we take an in-depth look into how you are living your life and identifying exactly what’s NOT WORKING for you.

It is a SELF CARE day where I personally teach you how to nourish your body on every level so that YOU can manage YOU and your life with EASE.

 You will learn how to:

  • Prepare delicious healthy meals in record time, so that it’s easy to introduce them into your daily schedule.
  • Recognise which foods help you achieve and maintain a healthy weight.
  • Choose energy-giving foods instead of foods that leave you feeling sluggish, tired or jittery.
  • Save time by being a super organised kitchen Rock Star.
  • Choose the right products in the supermarket and health food store.
  • Crowd out the bad stuff by adding in the good stuff that tastes even better.
  • Become aware of the food-mood connection and know which foods help keep you feeling relaxed and happy.
  • Use self-care techniques that will reduce stress and re-energise your body.
  • Manage emotional eating patterns.
  • De-stress and relax in an instant…anytime…anywhere!
  • Use a simple two-step technique to take overwhelm and confusion out of stressful situations.
  • Retreat from the madness of life without the dreaded feeling of guilt.
  • Set health and wellness goals and achieve them with ease.
  • Understand your behaviour and the behaviour of others, – believe me this knowledge is invaluable.
  • Feel empowered when dealing with emotionally-draining people and situations.
  • Keep it simple and integrate your new lifestyle into every day family life.

what you get

  • A private, full-day one-to-one session: Value €480
  • An in-depth consultation and food diary analyses, specifically designed around YOU and YOUR needs: Value €150

You will taste test all the delicious recipes we cook on the day, and this will give you a very clear picture of which foods set your taste buds tingling. I will share lots of tips, advice and of course the pitfalls you will need to avoid so you can achieve the fabulous healthy life you have always dreamed of.

  • You will also receive a holistic treatment to relax, reboot and balance the body: Value €80

Total Value: €710

But I’m not going to charge you that! Keep reading, there are more goodies!

Extra Bonuses:

  • You will receive a GIFT of my Wild About Wellness membership site packed with self-care videos, audio recordings and workbooks to keep you strapped to the wellness wagon: Value €300
  • An extensive collection of delicious, healthy recipes: Value €25
  • A printable weekly meal planner: Value €10
  • My weekly wellness video blog every Monday.

Extra Bonus Follow up:

  • You will also receive a 30-minute follow-up calla week after your one-to-one session to give you additional support and advice on your life-changing journey: Value €40

Total value of a private one to one day PLUS extra bonuses: Value €1085

Total Cost €497