Super boost your smoothie and make it into a complete meal. I see lots of photos on Facebook of peoples favorite smoothies and they look delicious. I have noticed however that most people drink a smoothie as their breakfast/lunch/dinner BUT unfortunately most of the smoothies are missing some key ingredients to keep the body healthy and satisfied.

Protein and healthy fats are nearly always left out or kept to a minimum, these macro-nutrients are extremely important to the healthy functioning of the body and they also help slow down the rate at which sugars are burned by the body. By adding them into your smoothie, you are creating a complete meal that will keep you bouncing with energy for hours.

I like to use pea protein (20g) as it is mild tasting but there are lots of others on the market, such as hemp or rice protein. Buy a good quality brand such as Pulsin or Sunwarrior which are available in all good health food stores.

Healthy fats such as nuts, seeds, coconut oil, flax oil, Udo’s oil etc (1 tbsp) are a fantastic addition to a smoothie. Most people are deficient in Omega 3’s, so I would recommend chia seeds, flax/linseed, walnuts, pumpkin seed etc and of course you can go wrong with a good dollop of raw organic coconut oil (not rich in omega 3 but fantastic for the body).

Greens a super important, that is why I always use half leafy greens such spinach, kale, cos lettuce, a quarter berries as they are low in sugar and high in antioxidants, and a quarter other fruit or veg.

Start adding in protein and healthy fats into your smoothie and notice how much fuller and satiated you feel, your amazing body will thank you.

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