This detox rocks

You’ve been feeling like crap for ages, in fact you feel like your body is falling apart, and you think to yourself  “I need a detox, STAT!”, BUT where the hell do you start? You see, the trouble is that there are way too many sugar laden, synthetic detox products on the market, and they all promise you a slimmer waist and glowing skin but unfortunately most don’t deliver because they cause the body to become even more toxic than it was to begin with! Our bodies are designed to detox naturally using what nature provided, yep, you got it, REAL FOOD. We humans have an actual detoxification system built into our bodies, (I swear, it’s true!) but unfortunately most people don’t know how to let it do its job.

Take a moment and ask yourself:

  • Have you tried absolutely everything but still can’t shift the pounds?
  • Are you bloated or gassy? Phew!
  • Do you feel sluggish or tired most of the time?
  • Are you dreading summer because of your dimply thighs?
  • Do you often suffer from excess mucus, a stuffy nose, or sinus problems?
  • Are skin breakouts damaging your confidence?
  • Does brain fog leave you feeling scattered and spaced out?
  • Are regular headaches or migraines driving you nuts?


I once read that the average person is exposed to over 700,000 toxic chemicals every day, seriously that’s freaking crazy! Is it any wonder that our systems get completely overloaded and struggle to function? Simple functions like digestion, hormone production and metabolism become completely out of whack! Detoxing is imperative to our overall health, so often detoxing is considered a faddy or trendy thing to do, but the reality is that it’s a function that your body MUST be allowed to perform in order to prevent the body’s systems and cells from malfunctioning and breaking down.

 You will learn how to:

  • Rid the body of harmful toxins.
  • Break the addiction to sugar, fat, MSG, salt and processed foods.
  • Reset the digestive system and reduce bloating.
  • Identify and overcome emotional eating habits.
  • Reduce inflammation and mucus in the body.
  • Introduce healthy, nutritious and tasty new foods into the diet and crowd out the bad stuff.
  • Gain a more honest and complete picture of how much food is actually needed and used by the body.

This Detox Rocks is a ten day program that has been carefully designed to kick start your detoxification system and cleanse your body of harmful toxins. The detox process will encourage weight loss, increase energy levels, improve sleep and reduce stress levels and anxiety. Through a private Facebook group you can hook up with other participants to share encouragement, support, struggles and triumphs.

What you will need:

  • Internet access.
  • A laptop, tablet, smart phone, or desktop computer.
  • An active Facebook account.
  • A blender or Nutri Bullet.
  • A Juicer (optional).

what you get

  • 14 days access to a private Facebook group.
  • Online support and guidance for the duration of the detox.
  • Specifically designed recipes.
  • Recommendations on the best superfoods and supplements to support your body during the detox (optional).
  • Shopping list.
  • 4 time saving videos to make time spent in the kitchen a breeze.

Please note this detox is not suitable for anyone that is currently pregnant or suffering from a chronic illness, for queries regarding suitability please email me at

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What the ladies had to say:

I’d never done a detox but I knew my eating habits weren’t great. I was constantly tired, bloated and looked exhausted, so I felt I’d nothing to lose – what was the worst that could happen!. I was quite nervous because I’m not one for sticking to things, but from the minute we started it has been just the best experience. Within 2 days I had buckets more energy, my mind was clear and my bloating was going. All the extra energy meant I was able to get so much more accomplished. I never felt hungry, and with the daily banter and support of Deborah and the group we were never alone. Everyone was going through the same thing and the support was phenomenal. It’s the best thing I’ve ever done, and I’d recommend it to anyone who is just stuck in the rut of coffee and carbs – ditch them – it’s easier than you’d think!
I decided to do Deborah’s Detox because I had really fallen off track with my eating habits. I had failed numerous times on my own. I had no idea what to expect, & worried about being hungry! There was no need to worry at all. Within days I could feel the difference. My energy levels started to rise, my mood became more stable & the biggest thing for me was clarity of mind. Every day just got better & better. It’s been a truly inspirational ten days, & the support from Deborah & other participants brought me so much more than changes to my diet. It doesn’t come highly recommended, it comes as an absolutely MUST if you want to take better care of yourself both physically & emotionally. Thank you Deborah for everything xxx
I took on this detox because I had basically abused myself for years between food, drink and smoking. I needed a lifeline, but had no idea where to start. So when I saw Deborah advertising the detox I half heartedly signed up. The closer it got the more nervous I got. My hubby decided to join me and so it didn’t seem so bad. The meal plans were easy to read and easy to follow. I found the first few days tough, not because we were missing anything in particular, but because we were “being so healthy” it was alien to us. I thought we would feel hungry, but hunger never hit! Our energy levels, concentration, and sleep patterns rocketed, and we both came alive. The support from Deborah and everyone in our group was outstanding, encouraging and downright hilarious. The ten days were over in a flash. I will never look at food the same way again. This was the most valuable experience that came into my life at the exact moment it was supposed to. Deborah you have given me a whole new outlook on food, but most importantly on life and how to give myself the best I can. So from my heart thank you.
I decided to sign up for the detox for a few reasons, and I am so glad I did because it definitely ROCKS!!!

1. I was feeling a bit all over the place with my diet
2. I was highly dependant on coffee
3. I was emotionally eating
4. I wanted to treat my body to some over due tlc

I have to say I was nervous, I didn’t think I’d succeed. I didn’t think I’d be able to function without coffee, and I didn’t think I’d have the time, but I did! By day four I felt great. The recipes Deborah tailored for us made it very easy to follow and prepare, and all of the smoothies and meals were delicious. Everything down to shopping lists and shops were laid out for us. It was very organised. This detox has taught me how to really care for myself. I feel much sharper, I have lost over half a stone, my skin looks great, and I have way more energy. I couldn’t have done this without Deborah and the rest of the group. The online support, banter, daily post, and pics from rest of the group was amazing it felt like I wasn’t alone. Giant thanks to Deborah for the experience, I’m forever grateful.

I found the detox wonderful and was very grateful for all the support from Deborah. Before I started I felt bloated and tired, I wanted to make changes but was struggling to do it on my own . The support of the group was fantastic – made it all so much easier. I am delighted to say I feel lighter, brighter and have much more energy – what a great experience!
The word detox for me conjured up images of deprivation and misery, but this detox couldn’t be further from that. I always felt satisfied, and the hunger I’ve endured on previous diets didn’t feature. The smoothies were absolutely delicious, and all the recipes were quick and easy. I lost 7lbs in total, my skin is more vibrant and my energy has shot up. It was also great having the support of all the group on Facebook. We all encouraged each other and I loved checking in every day to see where everybody was at, and to post on my own progress. Thanks Deborah for all your support. You really covered every angle on your daily videos, from nutrition to mindfulness around food and of course our self care. You have turned the way I eat around, I’m loving the beautiful colours and tastes that I’m now eating.

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