Are you absorbing nutrients from your food? You may have the perfect diet and drink plenty of water so that your cells are hydrated but are other factors preventing you from getting the most out of the wonderful food you’re eating.

Mind monkeys or the inner voice that so many of us are plagued by can cause havoc to our cells. How you may ask, well if you’re spending most of your time in your thoughts, having internal conversations, running re-runs, mini dramas or giving yourself a hard time then your body will be feeling stressed/anxious/angry etc. Really what I’m saying is thoughts create feeling (positive and negative) when we feel a certain feeling, so does the cells of our body, if we’re stressed then our wonderful little cells are stressed. How on earth can our cells digest, absorb and make the most out of the nutrients if they are feeling stressed or overwhelmed…they can’t!

This is why self awareness and self-care are so important, take time to notice when you’re creating mini dramas etc, then change the thought to a more positive one. Notice when you’re feeling stressed/angry/upset, are you creating these feelings by being in negative thoughts, become aware of your inner environment. Then take a little time and practice some self-care, beep breathing, meditation, read a book, do some gardening…what ever it is that stops the mind monkeys in their tracks and makes you feel truly relaxed and joyful, your cells will thank you.

Remember two things “you are the master of your own mind” and “thoughts create feelings…make them good one’s as often as possible”

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