As you know I LOVE food…cooking it, eating it and ordering it. But every so often I get bored and I need a blast of inspiration. Last year for my birthday I asked for cookbooks and I got the following three books. They are all vegan and mostly gluten free (but don’t be put off by that) which suits me fine because I don’t eat dairy or gluten, and I’m currently avoiding egg for a short period of time. The recipes are amazing and you can always add meat, fish or eggs if you wish. Let me give you my feedback on each book.

OK, the first book is Deliciously Ella, The Plant Based Cookbook. What I love about this book is the salad and veggie sides recipes. Whether you’re vegan or non-vegan this book is a must if you want to add more plant into your diet. Sometimes I tend to make the same old salad for ages and then I get bored, this book gives so many choices that boredom is never an option. We all know how super important plants are to our health and well-being and it’s so beneficial to eat a wide variety of fruit and veg. This book has a great assortment of falafel recipes, and also a fab black bean burger recipe. And the desserts are sooooo good.

Book number 2 is another Deliciously Ella book called Every Day. What’s great about this book is that there’s a section in it dedicated to batch cooking. This is so handy for anyone that’s time poor. I’m a huge fan of batch cooking myself, and I especially love recipes that are freezer friendly. It also has great salads, soups and veg side dishes. There is a delicious Brussels sprout recipe that I made several times over the Christmas that went down a storm. Again the desserts are amazing, can you see a dessert obsession pattern developing here….ooops!

Book 3 is is Happy Food by Bettina Campolucci Bordi, this is my absolute favourite of the 3 books. I really love making things from scratch whether it’s nut butter or plant based milk, and the great thing about this book is it covers that. There are recipes for coconut yogurt, cashew cheese and dairy free custard, there’s even a gluten-free flour mix. Yesterday I tried out her baked Shakshuka with butter beans and OMG it was amazing and so easy to make. P.S. Oh yeah, I nearly forgot, the desserts are divine too!

All these books are available on the book depository which has free shipping, but you will also get them in book stores. If you would like me to share some recipes from these fabulous books be sure to let me know. xxx

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